I find that some entrepreneurs are afraid to hand off work and to delegate to their VA. They are overwhelmed with too many tasks and still doing it all! To them, I say, “Embrace your fears and LET GO!”

Natasha, my daughter, had just graduated from middle school, and my son, Jacob, was moving into 3rd grade. In honor of celebrating their achievements, Anthony and I decided to take them to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We arrived and started to walk around when Natasha saw ziplining and said, “That is on my bucket list to do someday!”.

Before I knew it, I heard the words, “let’s go do it now!” come out of my mouth. Both my children just looked at me with jaws dropped as they know I am terrified of heights. Before I knew it, we headed up in a Park truck on very steep and windy roads to get to the zipline platform. I thought I was going to pass out from fear just from the drive! All the animals below looked like little animal crackers from the top! Then, I thought, I can do this, I know I can! And I did! I embraced that fear, and you know what? It was so much fun I couldn’t wait to do it again! Since then, I’ve gone indoor skydiving and held a giant snake, two more of my biggest fears, and had great fun in doing both!

When you add someone to your business team, such as a Virtual Assistant, you need to embrace the fear of letting go and not micromanaging. Hey, I get it! I’m an entrepreneur, too, and I have had to hire professionals for my business. I’ve learned to let go of the tasks I am not passionate about or an expert in, such as being a full charge bookkeeper. So, I hired one!

I speak with many entrepreneurs and business owners that are so busy but admit that they are afraid to let go. So, we take baby steps. At The Virtual Assistant & Company, we design a plan of action for you. I send email updates, have a phone or video chat to assure them I have everything under control, answer any questions, and listen to their feedback.

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