“Kathleen was hired to assist the partners and executives of Pacific Sotheby’s Realty. During her time with PSIR, I found her to be very professional, polite, dependable, and would do whatever it took to get the job done. She interacted with the executives, marketing, staff members, agents and clients. She managed my calendar and email, set up confidential meetings, helped organize company events, worked with marketing, and managed the company Help Desk. Additionally, Kathleen provided support for the property management aspects of our 20+ offices and was the point of contact between World Housing and PSIR for the Agents of Change program. It was a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her services.”

Steve Games
President, Global Luxury Division
Coldwell Banker

“I highly recommend Kathleen, she has been an asset to our small non-profit this year. Kathleen is extremely professional, she holds ethics, confidentiality, and accuracy at a high level. During her time with us, she has created standard operating procedures, managed accounts payable and receivable, and served as stellar support to our board of directors. As the executive director, I have been extremely impressed with Kathleen’s ability to quickly learn about our organization and support our work on every level. When faced with challenges and deadlines, Kathleen keeps a level head and conquers complex tasks with extreme accuracy. I have enjoyed working with Kathleen and highly recommend her virtual executive assistant business.”

Kim Hatfield
Executive Director
Friends of the Children-Central
Bend, Oregon

“Kathleen is the point of contact between World Housing and Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty for the Agents of Change program; a transaction based donation model where every Pacific Sotheby’s home sold unlocks a donation to build homes in Tijuana, Mexico for impoverished families in need. I found Kathleen to be very professional, extremely well organized, and proactive in making the program a success. Additionally, she communicates exceptionally well, is efficient, friendly and possesses a warm and engaging personality. As the PSIR and World Housing coordinator, she has organized and managed to assist us with getting the word out to PSIR’s 700+ agents and how they can get involved in our partnership between the two companies. To date, we have raised just over $40,000 with a goal of $150,000 before the end of 2017. Kathleen continues to manage the donations coming in from the agents of PSIR and manages the communications coming in from the agents, as well as World Housing. She also makes sure that there is PR work on the project both digitally and print media. World Housing is grateful to work with Kathleen!”

Scott Wilkins
Managing Director at World Housing
British Columbia, Canada

“I have known Kathleen Gauden for several years. She has performed excellent executive assistant work for me. I find her to be extremely organized, efficient, trustworthy, and very personable.
I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD
Naturopathic Doctor, Author, TV & Radio Host
Encinitas, CA

“Kathleen was a tremendous asset to my business. She was able to streamline administrative duties for our Team by putting SOPs into place that saved time and money. I found her to be very professional, trustworthy, dependable, great out-of-the-box thinking, and hard working. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and be organized, I highly recommend her services.”

Brian Tracy
Motivational public speaker and self-development author of over 80 books.
Solana Beach, CA

“Kathleen was hired as our Estate Manager and personal assistant when we built our 22,000 square foot home in La Jolla, CA. I was one of her first clients and was delighted to have a standing appointment with her. She helped organize our house, offices, ran errands, managed philanthropic events that my husband and I were very involved in and much more! Kathleen also assisted my husband with his hectic Executive work schedule and meetings. Jack was the first discount stockbroker on the West Coast and extremely busy. We both found her to be very polished, organized, resourceful, and happy to be around. I highly recommend Kathleen without any reservations.”

Jack and Judy White
Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists
La Jolla, CA

“It was a sheer joy to work with Kathleen. She helped me during a stressful time of moving and was such a light. She was super organized and took charge when I was feeling overwhelmed. I am a business woman and usually great at making decisions but moving is a time when there are so many decisions to make that it can feel like too much. From packing boxes to helping me make very important decisions, she was there for me both physically and emotionally. Such a breath of fresh air to work with such a bright, organized woman who also is so nurturing and supportive!”

Jobie Summer
Communications Expert Coach
Speaker, author, trainer
San Diego, CA

“Kathleen has a sixth sense for not only what I’ll need, but possible risks to our success. She smooths the way for everything from meeting dynamics to working with prickly personalities. Everything comes together faster, works better, and is more pleasant when Kathleen is working with us. She is a consummate professional whose awareness and insights help everyone navigate the dynamic change required to compete in today’s global economy.”

Brigitta Baugher Rubin
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Consultant
Leesburg, VA

“I hired Kathleen as a virtual executive assistant in 2017, to manage complex and multifaceted, out-of-state real estate problem. I had become frustrated with the seeming unending number of phone calls with long wait times. The problem involved dealing with city tax and regulatory authorities, real estate property managers, real estate properties, obtaining legal evictions and finding a charitable organization to accept property donation. I was particularly impressed by Kathleen’s ability to clearly communicate the complexity of the issues to new individuals. She handled these multiple transactions with intelligence, resourcefulness, persistence, and patience. Kathleen has all the executive ability to understand complex issues and to communicate effectively with bureaucracy, both over the phone and via email. Kathleen kept me updated on her progress and was conscientious of her billable hours, which are quite fair. As a virtual executive assistant where diplomacy, professionalism, confidentiality, and organizational skills are required, Kathleen Gauden earns my highest recommendation.”

Dr. James S. Forrester, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute; Ranked #1 Heart Program in the West
George Burns & Gracie Allen
Professor Emeritus
Malibu, CA

“Kathleen is a true professional and can use her experience and relationships to provide unique solutions to business challenges. We had Kathleen doing a lot of different things and there was always great communication and we knew the quality of work would be excellent. We also appreciated Kathleen’s kindness and empathy and she quickly felt like a part of our team and not an outsourced partner.”

Chris Kramer
Founding Partner
House of Kaizen
New York, NY

“Kathleen was very quick to pick up on the details of any job to be done and always performed it professionally and on time. She was especially people oriented and has excellent communication skills and follow through. I would highly recommend her.”

Steve Maloney
Visual Artist
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Kathleen was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped us coordinate a large number of parties for multiple seminars and meetings, assembled meeting presentations, kept minutes, and was very flexible in tackling multiple assignments. She was proficient in all of the productivity tools that our organization used, which made our lives easy. We look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Jonathan Feldstein, MD
Co-Founder & President
Resilience Health
New York, NY

“Kathleen is one of the most professional, detailed, proactive and kind employees I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail is coupled with a genuine desire to be the best at her job no matter what job she is doing. Kathleen will constantly surprise you by exceeding your expectations. And once you get used to that, she will outdo even her own standard.”

Chris Crocker
CEO HomeBay
Former Executive of Sotheby’s & HomeLight
Cardiff by the Sea, CA

“I hired Kathleen as an Office Manager for our startup Company, Vyrex Corporation, located in La Jolla, CA. She was fun to work with, had a great sense of humor, and the staff loved her. She was highly organized, which was very important as we were in our initial startup phase and preparing for our initial public offering. She supported our medical team and our investors and was instrumental in setting up our successful business meetings and events. Without her help, it would have been a mess! Kathleen was methodical and always seemed two steps ahead of us, which is very important when you are a startup business. She never missed a beat and always looked at ways to improve processes. If you are lucky enough to hire her, do! She is a great asset on any Team. I highly recommend her!“

Dr. Sheldon Hendler, Ph.D., MD
Author & Entrepreneur
La Jolla, CA

“Kathleen is a valued asset to me and my team. She’s proactive, sharp, motivated to improving the status quo. She’s sincerely dedicated to her work. She’s committed to quality of service and she operates with high integrity. In short, Kathleen greatly extends the value, productivity and efficiency of our staff. She often resolves complex scheduling / organizational conflicts with positive outcomes. I find Kathleen to be a joy to know and work with.”

Frank Tyneski
Vice President Design & Experience at Kids2
Atlanta, GA

“Kathleen is very knowledgeable in all aspects of executive and company support. The projects and their timeline are handled with professionalism, care, expertise and with sense of urgency. Her ability to expand her role past only supporting the CEO but to managing the team of executives has fostered an environment of efficiency, clarity and professionalism. The quality level of Kathleen’s work is commendable and I would welcome her on any team I am a part of.“

Lewis Chang
Partner at Decision Counsel
San Diego, CA

“I am pleased to highly recommend Kathleen. In the 3+ short months I have known her at Skinit, she has demonstrated time and time again that she is a team player. She takes the ball and runs with it and the results are excellent! I have watched her step into her position with no direction or training and manage a Board of Directors meeting that is the best Skinit has had, in my opinion. She takes great pride in her work, pays great attention to detail and is always two steps ahead of the C Suite Management Team! I have watched how she has blended into our company with all the employees of every level. She shows a great interest in them and is very well liked by all that has had the pleasure to deal with her. She is always on time, prompt and makes all her deadlines.“

Laura Christine
Former Executive Vice President
San Diego, CA

“Kathleen has an unfailing ability to accomplish many tasks at one time, with great attention to detail, and a positive attitude. One can always count on Kathleen’s high quality of work and professionalism, whatever the task. She was a real asset to the organization, and it was a pleasure to work with her.”

Kathy Meyers-Schulte
Independent Market Research Provider/Consultant
San Diego, CA

“Kathleen has a great passion for work. She has developed and manages many projects keeping the best interest of the Company and the employees at hand. She takes on many responsibilities, and wears many hats very successfully. I watched her completely revamp our travel and Visa policy and procedures, for example, making it much more proficient, cost effective and easier for our travelers to go on domestic and international travel. She operates independently and handles the majority of all her responsibilities without reservation I can recommend her for any position she is qualified for without any reservation..“

Billy Crotty
Trident Safety Group
Boston, MA

“Kathleen brings a great passion to her work to ensure that not only are all the details worked out, but more importantly, making sure that the right things are being done. I always knew that anything that I passed to Kathleen would be seen through to completion promptly and accurately. I also appreciated Kathleen’s ability to make suggestions for improvement.”

John Graff
Former Vice President of Marketing
National Instruments
Austin, TX

“Kathleen was a high-performing professional that took care of countless aspects of day-to-day operations in our group at CSC, which provided technical support to the Navy for environmental assessments. She was motivated and motivating, always cheerful and positive, and a meticulous and unrelenting performer. She would do well in many different jobs and positions.”

Ron Gauthier
Warfighter Innovation, Energy & Environmental Sciences
San Diego, CA

“From my experience Kathleen takes great pride in her work. She is responsive, detail oriented, and thorough in her work. She is very proactive in seeking out ways to not just complete a task but to enhance the results she delivers.”

Christer Ljungdahl
Director, Aerospace and Defense at National Instruments
Austin, TX

“Kathleen was very dependable, creative and knew how to get the job done. We worked in a very fast paced, high volume sales environment, and she always delivered under pressure. I’d be honored to work with Kathleen again.”

Gary Massa
Massa & Associates Real Estate Group
Encinitas, CA

“Kathleen is an exceedingly conscientious employee, very detailed-oriented and always willing to assist with any project. She has a do-whatever-it-takes attitude, works independently and always meets deadlines. Kathleen is extremely punctual and highly efficient. I found it a pleasure to work with Kathleen.”

Heidi Baschnagel
Director, Global Talent Development
National Instruments
Austin, TX

“Kathleen was an excellent executive assistant for me at National Instruments. She has great skills, great attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and a great attitude.“

Ray Almgren
Swift Sensors, Inc.
Austin, TX

“I have worked with Kathleen and highly recommended her services. She is thorough, consistent and professional in all she does. I got to know her when she worked as an executive assistant for the owners of our company and was so impressed with how she could remain calm in the midst of multiple jobs, tasks and calls and did everything with a smile. She truly cares about people. If you have the opportunity to work with Kathleen, do it!”

Dana Whittaker
Senior Vice President at Legacy Properties | Sotheby’s International Realty
Former Sales Manager at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty
Portland, ME

“Kathleen was a great presence in our office. She was excellent with clients either on the phone or in person. We had lots of compliments about Kathleen’s professionalism. I would definitely recommend Kathleen to anyone looking for a very organized and dedicated executive assistant!”

Jule Houston
Founder & Owner of The Houston Team
Compass Realty
Carlsbad, CA

“Kathleen assisted my office with outgoing customer reports and internal data entry. She was fast, efficient, and always easy to work with around my crazy schedule. Kathleen is a real plus in my camp!! I highly recommend her services. She has not only the administrative experience but is also well versed in real estate.”

Christina Phillips
Title Agent
Tampa, Florida

“Kathleen has proved to be an indispensable Virtual Assistant to my real estate business and me. Because she has her CA Real Estate license and has been in the industry for many years, she understands the sense of urgency, the buyer’s needs and the intricacies of the listing side of things, as well as how important it is to develop and nurture client relationships. Additionally, Kathleen is a skilled communicator, responds quickly to emails and texts and is cost effective. She has also implemented valuable procedures and made helpful suggestions that have saved me time and money. Kathleen is a very polished professional and welcomed member of my team, and I highly recommend her essential virtual assistant services”

Colleen Cotter
Real Estate Consultant
Top 1% of San Francisco Agents!
Vanguard Properties
San Francisco, CA

“Kathleen was a great Executive Assistant and Marketing Coordinator for The Houston Team for the past 6 months. I would definitely hire her again once our business picks up. She was always very professional on the phone and with clients she met with in person. She worked on the design of our sales flyers we distributed at our listings as well as the design and creation of our ads that run in Premier magazine to mention a few.“

Michael Jacobo
Realtor at Jacobo Realty Group
Carlsbad, CA

“I hired Kathleen to keep my schedule on target. She was true to her resume in that she is very task specific, able to reach and work together with high level Executives, while possessing a pleasant demeanor. This all summed up equals a team member who is reliable, pleasant and very effective.”

Dixon Judd
Real Estate Coach & Entrepreneur
Spokane, WA

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