Greetings cherished community!

It feels like just yesterday, but in September 1999, The Virtual Assistant & Company began its journey in the picturesque locales of Southern California. From the exclusive regions of Rancho Santa Fe to the beautiful beaches of La Jolla, my journey began by supporting esteemed high-net-worth and high-profile clients and managing their expansive estates.

Before that, I had the privilege of assisting C-Suite Executives across varied sectors – Department of Defense, BioTech, High Tech, and even the iconic dot com era. Through these experiences, I discovered my true passion lies in the dynamic environment of startups and supporting Entrepreneurs.

The path wasn’t without its challenges. Through times of both abundance and scarcity, I adapted, evolved, and eventually transitioned my services to the virtual realm. Today, as we approach the close of another year, I want to share with you some invaluable tools that have been instrumental in shaping my success.

🌐 My Top Tools to Elevate Your Business! 🌐

ChapGPT.  A game-changer! This tool enhances my writing and social media presence and even assists in crafting this very newsletter. Best part? It’s **FREE** and super user-friendly. Just remember to give it your personal touch after getting the initial draft.

Grammarly. Hailing from Ukraine and headquartered in San Francisco, Grammarly has been my trusty sidekick in refining my writing over the years. A FREE version is available, ensuring you communicate with precision.

Fathom. An absolute gem! Fathom has revolutionized my note-taking during meetings, integrating seamlessly with platforms like Zoom and Google Meets. The FREE version is a must-try. Check it out HERE! For all things lead generation and email outreach, is my go-to. Filter-based searches help me connect with the right decision-makers effortlessly. Again, it’s **FREE**!

Canva. Designing made easy! From social media graphics to business cards, Canva offers a plethora of design options. Dive into its FREE version and get creative!

Insight Timer. Kickstart your day right! Dive into meditation, sleep, and mindfulness with this global favorite. And yes, it’s **FREE**!

Remember, while many platforms offer complimentary versions or trial periods, it’s always worth investing in tools that genuinely enhance your efficiency.

🎉  Exciting News for 2024! 🎉

Mark your calendars! Come January 2024, we’ll be introducing in-home Personal Assistant Services exclusively for the residents of Bend, Oregon. From organizing homes and offices, shopping and errands, to event planning, we’ve got you covered. Know someone in Bend? Spread the word!

Visit my website,, to explore our range of services, coaching opportunities, and more.

As we wrap up this year, I wish you all a heartwarming Holiday Season and a New Year filled with prosperity and joy.

With amazing love and blessings,



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